How Google Pushed Me To Start Blogging

I’ve been planning to start my blogging journey for a few years now. But procrastination got in the way. It finally took Google to make me get off my lazy butt and start blogging. 😅


A little backstory

I build websites with WordPress and Elementor for clients on a freelance basis. I started freelancing back in 2015. I’ll talk about my freelancing journey in another post. Long story short, I started with HTML and CSS. I had built my own portfolio site with just HTML & CSS and applied for Google AdSense. Although it was just a static site with no blog, Google approved it! It took about a couple of months for the AdSense verification document to arrive at my address (I’m based in Bangladesh by the way).

I had then used AdSense to place ads on my site. It was just a one page static site. I think I had ads just on the right sidebar. Anyway, so the site was up for about a year. I wasn’t really serious about the site or AdSense back then. I earned like $10 from the ads. I still have that amount in my account.

Photo of AdSense payment info. If you can't see the photo, please disable adblocker.
I’m just grateful that people clicked on the ads lol


How Google Pushed Me To Start Blogging

When I started learning WordPress, I wanted rebuild my site with it. But due to procrastination, never really got around to it until last year. Meanwhile, my AdSense account was just sitting idle making no money. I think Google recently updated their policy; if your AdSense account hasn’t received any ad activity or earnings for 6 months, it will be deactivated. About two weeks ago I received an email from Google mentioning that.

The email also said that I can reactivate my account if it gets deactivated. But I thought it’s about time I got off my procrastinating butt and start blogging. And see if that keeps my AdSense account activated.

Photo of the Google AdSense notice. f you can't see the photo, please disable adblocker.
Google says my AdSense account is going to be deactivated if it makes no money.


What’s next?

I’m not that serious about blogging consistently yet! Maybe I’ll do a weekly post. Maybe this will be my own little journal. I’ll just figure it out as I go and see where it takes me. If you have read the whole post and made it this far, thank you so much!